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Last Call For The Pistons?

As we bring you our favorite moment from Game 4 the other night, we eagerly look forward to Game 5 of the Heat-Pistons series tonight. Part of us understands this notion that the Pistons, considered dead by most everybody now, could have one last run in them. The other part wonders if Dwyane Wade's going to score 40 points on 12 shots or something.

We kind of have a feeling that this will be one of those patented Heat "hey, we're already up 3-1 ... let's relax on this one!" games. (We imagine Shaq actually giving this speech in the locker room beforehand.) So if they win this one tonight, we'll officially know that the Pistons as we know them are all gone, bye bye.


By the way, we think Antoine Walker gets stranger looking every time we see him. We expect him to look like one of those Oddcast interfaces by the end of the series.

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