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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Tim Legler's Holiday Sweater

What is it with the ESPN basketball analyst (and former La Salle Explorer! Alumni!) and drinking games? We already had photos of Legler and his team of chug-a-luggers getting shit-hammered. Now, he's Christmas beer-ponging. This man's a menace.


How nasty would Legler be at beer pong? This guy once shot 52.2% from three-point land. I bet he can clear a pyramid in 45 seconds. I'm still unsure what kind of holiday event he attended but give him points for being festive. Speaking of which, let's all go be festive.


Yes, we're at that time of the year when things start to sloooow down. Tomorrow will be light on content as well. But Christmas day? We have Bentern, who has decided that he'd rather blog on Deadspin than go out for Chinese food.

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Especially TMZ.

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