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Last Night's Best World Series Highlight: The Fox Logo Shooting Out Of The Umpire's Ass

Your morning roundup for Oct. 28, the day our homemade guillotine really did the trick. H/T to Ricardo N. for the video. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: Nothing of consequence, really. Buster Olney has already declared it the greatest game in baseball history, and perhaps it was. It was certainly the worst best, considering there were five errors and two wild pitches in addition to all the madness of those last four innings.


The historical parallels from Cardinals 10, Rangers 9 are eerily extraordinary. David Freese's walkoff homer recalled Kirby Puckett's in 1991, coming as it did in a Game 6, and with Joe Buck's simple, memorable description of it echoing his father's call of Puckett's blast. It recalled Carlton Fisk in '75, which similarly allowed the home team to hang on for one more day. Plus Joe Carter in '93, a Game 6 homer that ended everything. And Bill Mazeroski in '60, which concluded a Game 7 by that same 10-9 score and capped another seesaw affair in which the Pirates led by four and the Yankees led by three before the Pirates went back ahead by two heading into the ninth.


What will forever distinguish what we saw last night will be Freese. Had the Cardinals finished it off in any way other than that, Freese's ninth-inning triple would have been a footnote in the same way Hal Smith's homer was for Pittsburgh in the eighth inning of Game 7 in '60. Instead, Freese's home run ensured that his triple, too, has a permanent place in postseason baseball's broader narrative. It is a story that will always include this game, and his role in how it unfolded in the ninth, then again in the 11th, with another comeback courtesy of his teammates in the 10th. And to think, baseball still has one more game for us tonight.


Got it. The guy beaten into a coma is to blame: "'I've been doing these cases for 23 years and I have never seen one yet in which it didn't take at least two people to tango,' he said, referring to the notion that jurors could decide Stow bears some liability in the attack. ‘So stay tuned and stand by.'" [ESPN]


A&M to Houston for a year or two? "If the current stadium is renovated, coach Mike Sherman's plan for a multi-use South end zone football facility and major upgrades to Kyle bleachers are included in the plans, meaning the Aggies would have to play at least one entire season—either 2013 or 2014—away from their College Station home. Planning remains in the very early-stages, but also apparent is that Reliant Stadium – home to the Houston Texans – would be integral to any renovation plans." [CBS Houston]

Your Roller Derby Girls Interlude:

SEC announces Missouri's addition, then pulls the announcement: "The key question that hangs over SEC realignment now is what, if anything, changed to keep this from being officially announced already? The second key question? What are the legal implications of this degree of coordination existing while Missouri is still officially a member of the Big 12? The SEC would likely argue that this was merely an internal public relations release, but in front of the wrong Texas jury this could be a hundred million dollar mistake by the SEC." [Outkick the Coverage]


There's always a positive: "Wow I'm now trending on twitter. All it took was for me to get released........Mama I made it" [@ChrisHarrisNFL]

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