The Lakers and the Mavs kept things interesting in one of the most under-scheduled nights of the NBA season last night: five players were ejected after a shoving match that began with Jason Terry and Steve Blake. The refs sent out two players from each team (Dallas's Terry and Brendan Haywood and Los Angeles's Blake and Matt Barnes) for this one, and Shannon Brown was ejected later in the game for his own special unique shoving incident. Things got a little bit out of hand: at the end of the first half-brawl, as Lamar Odom prepared for his second free throw, a fan apparently attempted to run onto the court and was quickly (almost frighteningly quickly) herded out by the ushers. "What is going on here?" asked a tired Reggie Miller. But this is progress, really: Ron Artest did not shove a soul in the Lakers' 110-82 win.

Feisty Lakers push to stay ahead of Dallas, 110-82 [LA Times]