Last Night's Winner: Al Davis, For Still Being Alive

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Al Davis is 81, at least in human years. That he's walking and talking and introducing Hue Jackson as head coach is remarkable. Still, you'll thank me for not going with the hi-res versions of these photos.

Davis's health has been on the wane, with yesterday's press conference his first public appearance since 2009. And he doesn't exactly look great — we're not sure what the Band-Aid is for. But he's still fiery and fiesty, turning what should have been Jackson's day in the sun into a parting barrage at Tom Cable.

Caught in a legal battle over $120,000 in fines docked from Cable's paycheck, Davis brought up the incident where Cable broke the jaw of an assistant, and, shockingly, allegations of suspect treatment of women. News to us was Cable allegedly bringing a woman on road trips while embroiled in a war of words with his ex-wife.


Perhaps his personnel evaluation skills aren't what they used to be, oh, 25 years ago. But he's still sharp as a tack when it comes to keeping track of, and eviscerating those on, his enemies list. So treasure these Al Davis press conferences. One day he'll be gone and the Raiders will have an actual GM, and you'll miss photos like these.