In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like Antonio Cromartie's many many children, who each got a mention on last night's Hard Knocks, even if he had to use his fingers and toes to count them.

This was no surprise to anyone; remember, the Jets restructured his contract to give him up-front money to settle his myriad paternity suits. But it was still amusing, and not a little sad, to see him struggle to list their names and ages. Seriously, it looks like he's calculating the orbit of Jupiter, or trying to divide by zero.

To his credit, he seems vaguely aware of all of them. Sure, he doesn't give (know?) a birth year for little London, and one of his 3-year-olds is referred to only as "[his] daughter." But that's not bad.

About those 3-year-olds. Holy cow. I thought with an 18-1 record, the Patriots had the best 2007-2008 season. But with three 3-year-olds (and a fourth in December), it's clear now that nobody was as successful over that span as Antonio Cromartie.


For Cromartie's next challenge, we'll ask him to list the names of the mothers of his children.

Video: Antonio Cromartie Trying to Remember His Kids' Names On HBO Hard Knocks [Black Sports Online]