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Last Night's Winner: Blake Griffin Needs A Nickname

We might have to rename this feature Last Night's Blake Griffin, because he simply can't help but be awesome. Seriously, it's physically impossible for him. Here is he scoring all of his 47 points in two minutes. It only feels like realtime.

Highlight reel dunks are nice, but they aren't going to win games for a woeful Clips team. Scoring 47 points will. It's Griffin's 33rd double-double in his 40-game career, and it's high time we came up with a nickname for him. Not that "Blake Griffin" isn't a great name; it sounds like the alter-ego of some Golden Age comic book hero. But Griffin is the superhero himself, and I'm not sure he has any other identity.


Making the rounds last night was "Blake .Gifin", a delightful meeting of the animated gif and the player whose one-second explosions are perfect for the format. A little nerdy? Maybe. But watching Griffin makes us feel like geeking out.

How about "Beast Mode", which CNNSI goes with for their headline this morning? It still belongs to Marshawn Lynch, but I think three straight declining seasons is enough for him to forfeit the title. It's absurdly fitting for Griffin, who, on top of the mythological surname, seems to hulk out when he gets in the paint, much like the arcade staple Altered Beast.

How about simply "start clearing cap space for the summer of 2014?" Man, that's depressing. That's a long time for Griffin to not only be stuck on the Clippers, but on the West Coast where we rarely get to see the games. I guess we'll have to content ourselves with three-and-a-half years of morning highlight shows and Last Night's Winners.

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