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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Last Night's Winner: Caroline Wozniacki Goes Solo

Is there anything worse than press conferences? The same boring questions get asked every time, and answered in the same boring way. Caroline Wozniacki noticed this, and decided she didn't need the media's help to continue on with the charade.

Wozniacki won her third round match last night (this afternoon?) at the Australian Open, but probably dreaded the interview room afterwards. She had heard that the media considers her dull, but it's not her fault. She gets asked the same thing time after time. How did you feel out there? How can you win this tournament? Do you feel you deserve to be No. 1? How did your racquet feel? You'd be boring too if you had to answer those questions every day.

So Wozniacki went in with a plan. As long as she knew the questions beforehand, why even wait? In a monologue, she addressed each of the inevitable questions in turn:

Excellent. At least someone out there recognizes press conferences for the farces they usually are. Wozniacki followed up by inviting more interesting questions, and she received them: about soccer, about her romantic life, about the American media. Everyone went home happy, except maybe the journalists who had their stories pre-written and were just waiting to plug in her bland boilerplate.

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