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Last Night's Winner: France Haters

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like France, who finally regained their rightful place as Europe's most reviled country. We really missed dumping on those cheese eaters.

Remember the good old days of 2003 when Freedom Fries and frog hating where always on the menu? Then they got a new president (with a certified babe for a first lady), Zinedine Zidane turned out to be a psycho badass, and suddenly France didn't seem so terrible for a while. Now their "back-alley tactics" have once again reminded the world how much we love spitting on their flag and calling them sissies. It just feels right.


Even French newspapers had to admit that their team sucks and doesn't really deserve to go to the World Cup. Franco-bashing is so popular, even the French can get behind it.

Seriously, look at these guys. Those aren't just fans—the dude with the baguette on his hat is their secretary of defense!

Henry's handball sparks media storm against 'Les Bleus' [France24]

Honorable Mention: Dirk Nowitzki: Oh, good. He's still alive. [Dallas Morning News]


LeBron James: Remember when you were 12 and you thought that it would be sweet to be able to dunk so frequently and so hard that you could actually tell people you hurt yourself dunking? Okay, maybe that was last week, but congrats LeBron James. You're a hero to 5'6" guys everywhere. [AFP]

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