Last Night's Winner: Homeland Security Hates Sports

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Yesterday, thousands of people went to their favorite sites for watching sports online, only to be greeted by this frankly horrifying banner. They've all been shut down by the government, in an evil conspiracy to force you to purchase NHL Center Ice. Gone. Dead., which isn't even hosted in the United States, and has twice been declared legal in Spanish courts? Kaput.

These sites were an invaluable resource for watching live sports outside your broadcast area, be it European soccer or even just the Clippers game that the national broadcasters will never touch. They weren't even hosting the streams, but rather a collection of links to individuals streaming the broadcasts. But that was no defense for Napster, so it likely won't fly here.


And what to do now if you want your live sports fix? The league packages like Center Ice and NBA League Pass run in the hundreds of dollars. Don't despair. Hope remains. Extant are mirrors of these sites, with domains the US Government can't touch. Dot-com taken down? Maybe you can find another one that's still up, if you look hard enough. Especially at this paragraph.

Of course we can't outright tell you about a site that's still up. That would be illegal. And we don't want any trouble.