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In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like Ines Sainz, who never wanted to be famous. That's why she held a big look-at-me press conference to announce some things sure to get her back in the news.

Never one to seek the spotlight, she went on stage in Hollywood to announce to the world that she's returning to covering the NFL. In front of the assembled media, who I'm sure her agent didn't alert beforehand, Sainz says she's done with locker rooms.


"I'm not going into the locker rooms anymore," said Sainz, would never use the notoriety gained from the Jets shenanigans to keep herself relevant. "It's not a good place right now for me. I don't want to be in there.

"I need to wait one month to work again because I don't want to be the focus. I'm not looking for that kind of publicity," said Sainz, who had "10 to 12" job interviews after the scandal broke, and accepted a job covering Pacquaio-Margarito. "It affects my career and development in the States."

In a letter written to Roger Goodell, she disputed that her manner of dress is germane to the discussion.

"I like to look good," wrote Sainz, who wore a form-fitting white blouse and a sequined miniskirt to the press conference. "But that in no way makes me any less dedicated to the sports journalism world."


Merely wishing to get back to the daily grind of work, Sainz announced her next few assignments, which are not at all designed to be news in and of themselves.

This weekend she'll interview Ben Roethlisberger, who's never suffered any accusations of treating women poorly.


And the week after that she'll return to the Meadowlands to meet with the Jets again, in what's totally about what's on the field (even though it will be a bye week for them) and not at all meant to drag memories of that horrid time Sainz just wants to forget.

"I'm ready to move on and keep working," said Sainz, and oh, by the way, she's available for all your corporate speaking engagement needs.

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