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Last Night's Winner: Jay Leno

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Lindsey Vonn, who continued her streak of tape delayed wipeouts by appearing as a guest on the new, new Tonight Show with....ugh, Jay Leno.

I didn't watch it, because like NBC's Olympic coverage I already knew what would happen. Jaime Foxx would name drop his famous friends, Vonn would awkwardly show off her medals, and Leno would crack painfully unfunny jokes about NBC's troubles as if he had nothing to do with them. And maybe they'd do Jaywalking. The usual.

However, I did read this post by Matt Cherette at, explaining why he doesn't completely hate Jay Leno. Which is fine. (No accounting for taste and all that.) But it did make one aspect of this whole drama painfully clear. I am old. See, Matt is such a youngun that he doesn't remember a time when Jay Leno wasn't host of The Tonight Show. More importantly, he never watched David Letterman host his old Late Night show and therefore doesn't appreciate what a crime it is that Jay Leno has Dave's job. Any fan of old NBC Dave could never stomach what that network puts on now. (Or some of what Dave puts on CBS, but that's another tale.)


Anyway, Jay is two for two on late night battles, so good for him. At least now I can watch The Colbert Report in peace.

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