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Last Night's Winner: Josh Smith

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like the small number of people who can say that they've won a game with a buzzer-beating, put-back slam dunk. That usually makes a good story.

The Atlanta Hawks clinched a playoff birth last night, when they beat potential postseason opponent Orlando on a last-second shot. Well, the shot was actually an off-balance buzzer beater by Joe Johnson that clanged off the rim. Then Josh Smith came flying in, untouched, and threw it back down before that red box behind the backboard did whatever it does. Neat.


The Hawks are now tied for third place in the conference—three games behind Orlando for No. 2—and Josh Smith has a yarn to bore his grandkids with at Thanksgiving. They can never take that away from you, buddy! You, and every member of the SlamBall Hall of Fame.

UPDATE: This is actually the second time Smith has done this, this season. There were still 0.7 seconds left when he dunked one home against Houston in November, but still ... someone get a body on this guy.

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