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Last Night's Winner: LeElbow

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like the hinge joint in LeBron James's right arm, which exploded into a thousand pieces yesterday, filling the Cleveland sky with bright constellations of bone dust and shard.


Strong men cried. Rosaries were fondled. A cold wind blew across the land, and in Brooklyn, the old rabbis climbed mournfully to their rooftops and sounded their shofars. Wild beasts howled. The joint chiefs nodded gravely to each other and set the country at DEFCON 1. Elton John wrote a song. Shaker Heights hummed with the murmured supplications of its people, and the Cuyahoga burned anew. A vast rending of garments overtook Eastern Europe. In India, Maoist rebels lay down their arms. LeBron James shot a free throw lefthanded. Somewhere, a child lost hope. Somewhere, someone sat down to a computer, logged onto Twitter, and created @LeBronsElbow.

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