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Last Night's Winner: Maria Menounos

In sports everyone's a winner, some just win better than others. Like the Celtics' shit-talking Greek mascot, Maria Menounos, who's become Boston's Ashley Judd during this year's Finals run .


The former high school hoops player from Medford is not just sitting courtside to show off her Mediterranean hot sauce, either. No, she's there to get inside player's heads. Like poor, rickety Vince Carter, who was already spooked enough. Yeah, the artist formerly known as Vinsanity got Nou-nos'd last night:

Disneyland, Disney World — why quibble? The point is, Boston, when the Lakers finally finish off Los Suns and we're back to "Beat LA"-ness for the next couple weeks, let's try to keep Maria involved somehow so those of us who could give a shit about your quest for banner 18 can tolerate it. Oh, but, there's a catch — you should probably keep her away from this guy throughout if you want the rest of the country's support. Just a hunch.



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