LeBron is good. How good? He won last night without even playing a game- OR EVEN GOING OUT AT ALL! So, click through for the real winner-

LeBron went out on Friday. I can't read. Here's something from Chicago that did happen last night.

Marian Hossa came out o' the penalty box to score a goal in OT to give the Blackhawks the victory over the visitingPredators. Hossa was imprisoned for five minutes following a major boarding penalty, ouch, that sounds painful. It goes to show you should never give up, and you should read articles thoroughly before you call someone a hero.

Still, it makes my consecutive triple-buck scores look almost pathetic. Almost.

Hossa goes from probable goat to improbable hero [Chicago Tribune]

Sighting: LeBron James at Cuvee until almost 3 a.m. [Chicago Tribune]