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Last Night's Winner: Michael Vick, Obviously

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That was just a spanking, wasn't it? And if you don't think Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg purposefully drew up a game plan that could have been codenamed "Our QB Is Better," then you must not have been paying attention.

Vick handed off just 30 times, compared with 28 pass attempts and 8 plays in which he himself ran for it. That's even more lopsided in a game that was 35-0 9 seconds into the second quarter, and the Eagles essentially pounded the ball to run out the clock (15 of those handoffs happened in the fourth quarter).

Eagles/Redskins is always big because it's a divisional matchup. Eagles/Redskins is extra big these days because of the history between McNabb and Philadelphia. And Eagles/Redskins was extra monster super Four Loko huge yesterday, just hours after McNabb signed a huge extension that he wanted, but would never receive from the Eagles.


So maybe the command came from Jeffrey Lurie on high. Maybe it came from Reid, with his strange passive-agressive codependent relationship with McNabb. Or maybe it just came from Michael Vick, who wanted to remind a national TV audience that once upon a time, he was in the discussion for most dangerous quarterback of his era. But someone told Vick to take over.

Take over he did, and the Redskins couldn't do a damn thing to stop him. He went 20/28 for 333 yards and 4 TDs, which put him just a couple completions shy of a perfect passer rating (his 150.7 was easily good enough for best single game in the league this season). But that's a flawed measure, because it didn't take into account his 80 yards and two scores on the ground.

Vick may be 30, but his body is just 27 in NFL years. He's in his prime. Donovan McNabb is 33, and doesn't have the weapons (or the weapons around him) to compete. It was unfortunate timing to sign the extension yesterday, as Terrell Owens noticed.


So it it time to be able to talk about Vick solely in the context of the game, and not be forced to mention his off-field trouble? Maybe not yet, when it's a big deal when DeSean Jackson unwittingly makes a pit bull reference. That's fine. A few more 6 TD performances should help.

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