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Last Night's Winner: Minnesotans

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Twins fans who locked up their franchise catcher for the next decade. It's not official, but what could possibly go wrong in the final seconds?

WCCO-TV reported yesterday that the Twins's all-everything heartthrob catcher Joe Mauer has agreed to a massive 10-year contract extension. Rejoice! He's not going anywhere! Unless he doesn't sign it. Which he hasn't yet, because the contract isn't actually written or agreed to. But still they're very close. Probably.

No else agrees or confirms that original account, but Ron Gardenhire is sure that "progress is being made." So that means they aren't standing still. I'm sure that Mauer would love to sign a 10-year-deal with his hometown team. Any catcher would be thrilled to make the same amount of money at age 37 that they did when they were in their prime. Plus, long expensive contracts pretty much guarantee that a player can never be traded to the Yankees in a desperate attempt to save money. It's win-win.


Actually, I shouldn't pick on Minnesota fans because they would never allow themselves to be roped into premature feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Again.

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