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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like sticklers for the rules who believe that a lane violation is still a lane violation even in the final minute. In other words, me.


Just to clear something up here, the announcers and therefore some of the people following the New Mexico State-Michigan State game were wrong about the "conspriacy theory" call at the end. The lane violation was not called on Wendell McKines for stepping in too early and it wasn't called on Troy Gillenwater for being "barely" over the line. Gillenwater stepped sideways, out of his little lane box and into the one occupied by Delvon Roe. That was the violation and he was pretty obvious about.

Is it ticky-tack penalty that would get ignored 99 times out of 100? Maybe. But a correct call in a bad situation is still a correct call. Did Michigan State get an absolute gift after an atrocious second half of a game they did not deserve to win? Definitely. The way the Spartans shot free throws, New Mexico State probably should have won by 10. Do I, as a Michigan State fan, give a crap? Absolutely not.

Two words: Kenny Anderson. Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.

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Ok, we have two things to do today. Watch a crapload of basketball and get ready for my fantasy baseball draft on Sunday. (Tom Glavine is still playing, right? I always try to grab him early!) Oh, and I guess I'll do some writing here. Thankfully, the weather is gorgeous outside so that should help. (Grumble.) Eat hearty and come back soon.

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