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Last Night's Winner: Ricky Williams Is The Real Most Interesting Man In The World

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After his comments criticizing just about everyone, either Ricky Williams is done in Miami, or Tony Sparano, Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall are. Yeah, Ricky's gone. Just another chapter in his odyssey.


Williams is a free agent for the first time in his career, and he's probably not returning to Miami after some choice comments about the coach, accusing Sparano of micromanaging and saying he lost the locker room. So ends an eight-year experiment that worked at times, and at other times provided nothing but headaches.

Eight years! I never would have guessed. Sure there was the "retirement" in 2004 and the year-long suspension and CFL exile in 2006, and the injury in his first game of 2007. But he spent enough time with the Dolphins to become their all-time leader in rushing attempts, a stat that you're guaranteed to win a bar bet with.

Where to now? Someone will take a flyer on him, just a year removed from a 1000-yard season. But it doesn't sound like he's particularly interested in football. Apparently a practicing Hindu for a while, he plans to spend his offseason getting better acquainted with Judaism. Anything to try to find the answers he's been searching for his whole life.

I don't think Williams is appreciated as the once-in-a-generation character he is. Read this story about becoming best buds with his Dutch-Canadian neighbor up in Toronto, and tell me this isn't a man who warrants more scrutiny and analysis than even "Run, Ricky, Run" gave him.

Perhaps a quiet retirement is what Williams needs and deserves. Traveling the world, seeking out the wise men of every faith and philosophy, and buying a nice seaside home in California, smoking medicinal marijuana to his heart's content. For a man who probably stuck with football because it's all he knew how to do, he always did have bigger things on his mind.