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Last Night's Winner: Russians, Too Drunk To Fly

You don't get named Last Night's Winner just for a stunning 3-goal comeback at the World Juniors. Lots of teams win hockey games. But you do receive the honor for being kicked off an airplane the next morning for being too intoxicated.

According to WGRZ in Buffalo, some of the Russians were booted off their flight out of Buffalo-Niagara International Airport early this morning, and were seen waiting at baggage claim long after it took off. This is funny because they are Russians, and it confirms all our stereotypes. It is also funny because the official name of Juniors is the World U20 Championship, meaning all the players are under 20, meaning they're all under the legal drinking age.


Not that we're here to chide them for celebrating, even if underage. What they did last night was the stuff of legend, especially for a country riding a string of poor showings in international tournaments. So drink up.

But we all like to put a couple drinks in us before a long flight, so we understand flying after having thrown back a few. You don't get kicked off of the plane simply for your BAC. You have to be rip-roaringly belligerent. And for so many members of the Russian team to be not simply hung over, but still actively drunk the morning after, shows an impressive capacity to imbibe, one inversely proportional to their tolerance.


But they'll get better at drinking. They're just juniors.

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