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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Sorry Oklahoma City. If you want to watch a bunch of struggling models play a loose simulacrum of football, you'll just have to watch it on TV like everybody nobody else.


The Lingerie Football League has survived longer than anyone thought possible — they're now in their 2nd season! — and it recently announced expansion plans in four red-blooded American cities, including Oklahoma City. Turns out they probably should have gotten the go-ahead before making that call.

Seems Oklahoma City's mayor has absolute veto power when it comes to letting organizations use the city's public arenas, so no Cox Convention Center or Oklahoma City Arena. Sure they could use some indoor halls like the Centennial Opry or VFW Post 1857, but those could hardly contain the hard-hitting excitement and toned thighs that lingerie football has to offer.


LFL Chairman Mitch Mortaza had this to say:

It is unfortunate that one individual can dictate what an entire city can deem as entertainment or not. Apparently Mayor Cornett wants to take away the basic freedom of individuals to chose to attend a sporting event or not. Has Mayor Cornett actually been to an LFL game or watched a game on MTV2? My guess is no. He does not understand that LFL football is played by educated former college athletes that come from all walks of life which include doctors, lawyers, teachers, military personnel etc. Nor does Mayor Cornett understand the revenue and jobs LFL football coming into town would represent, but perhaps Oklahoma City does not need more jobs or revenue.

Oklahomans should be provided the opportunity to chose for themselves and not dictated to. I thought our plans were for expansion into Oklahoma City, not North Korea."

I like the North Korea reference. Godwin's Law is getting tired. Hitler died, like, 200 years ago. All overreactions about the wielding of power should now make reference to North Korea.


Oh, and it's friggin' lingerie football. You're not John Peter Zenger. Just take it to Tulsa or something.

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