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Last Night's Winner: Steven Jackson

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Steven Jackson, who will not face charges for allegedly roughing up his pregnant girlfriend. The bad news? He's free to play for the Rams again.

Las Vegas Police aren't saying he didn't do something. Supriya Harris—who was nine months pregnant at the time she filed a police complaint saying that Jackson knocked her down before throwing her into a door—did actually get hurt. And their inconsistent explanations were a little fishy. But the whole "insufficient evidence" thing means that case is closed. So that's lucky for him.

Then there's still the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, which has a much lower burden of proof, but also doesn't send you to jail. I'll take my chances with them any day of the week.


Roger Goodell, on the other hand, will suspend you for spitting in the street, so who knows what that guy might do. Jackson's best hope is that Goodell simply forgets the he plays in the NFL. (See also: Previous Rams joke.)

What can Steven Jackson do now? [St. Louis Post-Disptach]

Honorable Mention: Conference races. What? Three games losing streaks happen to great teams all the time. ALL IS WELL!

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