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Last Night's Winner: The Indiana Pacers' NBA Jam Third Quarter

When a player gets a hot hand in basketball, whether through the sheer gully-ness of Mark Price in NBA Jam or a real example, it's a sight to behold. When a whole team gets a hot hand, it's a much different phenomenon.

Yes, for 11:57 of the third quarter in last night's game, the Indiana Pacers did not miss a shot. They hit 20 in a row on the way to 54 points (only good enough fourth all-time). When people compare basketball to a symphony, this is what they mean.

Of course, Josh McRoberts screwed it all up with a rushed three-point try so they only finished 20-for-21 for the quarter. Fucking Duke.


Video: No, really, the Pacers shot 20-21 in Q3 [CBS Sports]

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