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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Last Night's Winner: The Phillies Fan Who Fell Down The Stairs

In sports everyone's a winner, some just win better than others. Like the poor guy in the blue shirt who ungracefully bought it during the 5th-inning of yesterday's Phillies-Twins game. He gets four gold stars, a blue ribbon and a platinum trophy.

There is a divine, violent beauty in his tumble that makes it watchable hundreds of times. Maybe he didn't see the tiny chain-link sign in front of him, or perhaps he just misjudged how high he should have lifted his foot up to step over it. It all happens so quickly, like he'd been assassinated by an imaginary sniper from the 300 level. Off he went, to get an adult beverage, use the restroom, or grab a Schmitter and then, fwoomp, he's down before Pavano's looping fastball crosses the plate.


Now, hopefully, this gentlemen doesn't suffer from vertigo or nerve disorder because that would reveal some long-term problems with his internal wiring and not just a minor setback in the month of June. He'll get up, shake it off and move on. Hopefully, the horrendous team in the white and red jerseys he paid good money to see so close will eventually do the same.

[Video courtesy of The Fightins]

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