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Last Night's Winner: Tokers

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Ricky Williams and Tim Lincecum, who yesterday inhaled deeply the vapors of success. And perhaps some other stuff, too.


Lincecum won his second straight Cy Young and became the first pitcher to earn the award in each of his first full seasons. And Ricky Williams took over for an injured Ronnie Brown and ran circles around Carolina, putting up 119 yards and three touchdowns and keeping the Dolphins within reach of the Patriots. As you know, Lincecum and Williams share a taste in mild recreational drugs. In the latter's case we're probably in for a brace of stories about how Ricky has gotten serious and shaved his dreads and redeemed himself and all that. (Look, there goes one now!) For now, though, the lesson is simply this: Winners smoke a shit-ton of weed. Suck it, Bill Bennett.

Honorable Mention: The Baseball Writers' Association of America, which once again got it right with Lincecum, even though his 15 wins represented the smallest total for a Cy Young winner who was a full-time starter in a non-strike year. At this rate, Mauer's MVP is in the bag. We're all statgeeks now. [BBWAA]

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