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Latest Baseball Movie Is Really Just Another Baseball Movie

Not to be all get-off-my-lawn about it, but sports movies are just not as good as they used to be, right? They kind of suck these days? Moneyball was just OK. The Blind Side had more hokum than heart. The Fighter won Oscars and did decent box office, but it never became a phenomenon. The latest formulaic sports flick is Trouble With the Curve — just the title alone gives me the romantic-comedy title douche chills, like Something's Gotta Give — and it sure looks like it hits all the familiar sports movie notes. Clint Eastwood as the grizzled old baseball scout? Check. Amy Adams as the sassy female executive who's going to shake things up? Check. Justin Timberlake as the young phenom on the verge of stardom? Check. THE EVIL WARDEN FROM SHAWSHANK PRISON? CHECK.

But seriously, this movie feels like the typical kind of baseball-centric clichéfest that I could get in any postgame interview. On the bright side, it's got to be better than Ed. Then again, we're looking at a rookie writer and director, so maybe not!


Regardless, from here on, I shall only be referring to this film as That Braves Movie That Co-Stars the Warden From Shawshank and Matthew Lillard, unless anyone has a better suggestion.

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