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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

LaTroy Hawkins Has Had An Adorable, Dedicated Fan Club Since 2000

Illustration for article titled LaTroy Hawkins Has Had An Adorable, Dedicated Fan Club Since 2000

Relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins has been in the MLB so long, he's got a chance at becoming the oldest player in the league this season, depending on final rosters. And he's had fans who've stuck with him for the majority of his career. Since 2000, Hawkins has been followed by the LaTroy Hawkins Fan Club, a loyal group of fans who support him, regardless of his team.


The fan club of approximately 40 people—which Hawkins today recognizes as "family"—began with a bunch of Twins fans, as Hawkins was playing for Minnesota at the time. The club kept following him even after he left the Twins, though. Hell, even when he played for the Yankees, they still supported him. Hawkins has played for 10 different teams in his career, and some members of LHFC have attended every spring training camp.

The club is for more than just baseball, though. From Jim Caple of ESPN:

Linda Campbell (Larry's wife and LHFC member No. 20) says that when Hawkins' wife, Anita, was pregnant with daughter, Troi, a dozen years ago, she invited female fan club members to a baby shower that the Twins' wives threw. Anita had hernia surgery a few months after she gave birth and was unable to lift Troi. So the members got together and helped out.

"We took assorted times — first thing in the morning, lunch time, evening time," Campbell says. "It was when LaTroy and the Twins were on the road so we took different shifts taking care of Troi — giving her a bath, feeding her, anything we could do for Anita. In fact, one morning we got there before they even got up."

The members send birthday cards and greetings to Hawkins' mother and other relatives. Some will drive him around when he's in town with a team and doesn't have a car. Each year, the LHFC holds a dinner on Hawkins' birthday and calls him to sing "Happy Birthday."


Hawkins is 41 years old now, and who knows how many seasons he has left in him. But whenever his playing career's over, he'll still have the LaTroy Hawkins Fan Club.


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