Laugh At This Rabbit Disaster And You'll Go To Hell. I'll See You There.

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The roof collapsed at a rabbit exhibition in Sweden. It's very sad, but in a Mary Tyler Moore, "Chuckles The Clown" sort of way. Since no humans were injured, the story just gets more hilarious the more you read.

Described as the "largest rabbit exhibition in Sweden," by someone who tracks these sorts of things, the show at the Rosvall tennis hall in Nyköping drew 1648 rabbits and their owners from around Europe. But heavy snowfall made the roof cave in overnight.

That photo is the event organizer helping the first rescued rabbit to safety, though how anyone will be able to tell whose rabbit is whose, is anyone's guess.


I'm just going to excerpt a series of quotes from the story, which just get more surreal. And, as is my editor's prerogative, I'm going to replace every instance of the word rabbit with "bunny."

The tennis hall was locked at the time of the collapse. Fortunately, a dance event organized by the local [bunny] owners' association was taking place in a separate building.

Police said many rabbit owners remained outside the tennis tall at 6 o'clock in the morning.

"There are a lot of sad [bunny] owners at the scene. We've been focussing on making sure that none of them try to get in to the [bunnies]. There is a risk of further collapses," police inspector Urban Nordqvist told Södermanlands Nyheter.

We're not going to attempt to rescue the [bunnies] under the collapse, since that would mean sacrificing attempts to save the [bunnies] that we know are still alive."

Exhibition organizer Johnny Johansson (pictured) was in place to welcome the first [bunny] that managed to make its way out of the wreckage. But it is not yet known how many [bunnies] died when the roof caved in.

"There are pockets where the [bunnies] are hiding," rescue worker Ulf Jämtäng told TT.

I honestly don't know whether to cry, or send this story to everyone I know.

(H/T to tomuban. Blame him.)

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