After unleashing a series of venomous tweets last evening in which he declared himself to be "done" with the "corrupt, disgusting" entity that is Penn State University, former Nittany Lion linebacker LaVar Arrington attempted to backtrack today during his radio program on DC's 106.7 "The Fan."

In this rambling, 12-minute-long monologue, Arrington expressed dismay that "this sex scandal" was being handled by PSU's board "like a secret military mission [...] trying to distance [themselves] from the tradition that was built before now." His rationale for being so angry:

You want a coach that can come in and give you the best opportunity to win. But here, in this circumstance, these were the most extreme circumstances that could have surrounded the changing, the firing of a coach in possibly the history of football. And, so, to not treat it as such, to drag out decision-making, to not be decisive about the things that you are going to do, to not communicate, to not show respect toward people that are a part of the community that will give everything they have to help rebuild what this university represents, to me, when we got to two months out—this is a two month drawn out process, and then you go and hire—without consulting anyone outside of the small circle you created—you go out and hire someone who knows nothing about Penn State, it comes across to me as you have done everything in this situation to basically make us look like the whole program is guilty.

You can listen to the full monologue above, set to unrelated footage of Arrington playing chess in an elementary school library. Metaphors abound. [WJFK-FM]