LaVar Ball Emerges From The Woods, Says Lonzo Needs To Be Traded To The Suns

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The most hotly discussed deal of the NBA’s trade deadline season is a proposed blockbuster deal in which the Lakers would send all their young players and a handful of their old players and whatever other crap is necessary to New Orleans in exchange for Anthony Davis. The exact parameters of such a deal have shifted since the two sides first made actual contact last week, but every hypothetical trade, including the Lakers’ latest beefed-up offer today, has included last year’s second-overall pick Lonzo Ball.

That Ball’s famously big-mouthed father LaVar has managed to stay quiet throughout the entire process thus far has been astonishing. If this trade drama had been going down last year, for instance, LaVar definitely would have threatened to fight Dell Demps by now. This year, though, he has remained on the sidelines and silent throughout. Today, though, LaVar Ball gave his first juicy quote in over a year, somehow, saying that he would “speak ... into existence” a trade landing Lonzo in Phoenix, not New Orleans.


This statement echoes earlier reports that Lonzo would like to be traded to a team where he would start, and a diarrheal wasteland like Phoenix would be one of the few spots in the NBA that could readily offer a starting point guard spot to a man who is currently shooting 41.7 percent from the free-throw line. The city is also warm and close to Los Angeles, and while the team is complete ass, at least Ball fits into their timeline.

Best of all for LaVar, the Suns have a weak front office and an unestablished coach, so maybe he could bully them in a way he never quite could with Los Angeles.