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LaVar Ball Forfeits His Son's AAU Game After Earning A Technical Foul

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

What you will see in the video below is a referee at an AAU game calling a holding foul on a defender engaged in a trap near mid-court. You will hear a hoarse voice yelling from off camera, “that’s not a foul,” and assorted other complaints. You will hear these complaints raise in volume and intensity in the seconds immediately prior to the referee blowing the whistle a second time, and issuing a technical foul to the man with the hoarse voice. Then you will finally get a look at the man with the hoarse voice, and your heart will sink a little, and a cloud will move over the sun, and the world will stay just a little bit darker, forever.

That is LaVar Ball, because of course it is. And he is calling his team off the court in protest, because of course he is. You will be led to conclude that Ball pulled his team off the floor because they were being disadvantaged by one-sided refereeing in this goddamned youth basketball game, but then you will note that Ball’s big dramatic protest came not immediately after his player was whistled for a foul, but rather after the referee gave Ball a technical foul for shouting obscenities. And then you will read this:

The playoff game was ruled a forfeit after Big Ballers left in the second half and Clutch Players Navy was awarded the win. Of note, Big Ballers was winning 69-60 at the time of the forfeit.


Here is a longer video of the game, if you want to watch kids playing some pretty good basketball before a ridiculous man snatches the game away by commanding half of them off the court:

Are sports bad? Sometimes I think sports are bad.

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