The Indiana-Purdue game tonight has the makings of a classic, with the surging Boilers heading into Bloomington to tick down the last dying days of Kelvin Sampson at Indiana. It's gonna be fun. And another subplot? How about Nets coach Lawrence Frank ... and Bob Knight?

Remember Bob Knight's infamous furious speech in which he gets his Berman on? Well, it turns out, it might have been recorded by Frank.

Lawrence Frank is a prime suspect. The New Jersey Nets coach couldn't be reached, but he was a basketball manager at IU then and was in the room. "Lawrence Frank definitely could have done something like this," Leary said. "There was never a manager that was more full of (it) than he was. He would take us to fraternity parties on campus and just walk us all in โ€” and it wasn't even his fraternity. He was just as full of (it) as they came."


Seriously, just to kick off your day right: