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Lawrence Taylor, On If He Is A Changed Man After Getting Busted With An Underage Prostitute: "No"

In a meandering and bizarre interview aired Wednesday night on Showtime's Inside The NFL, Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor attempted to respond to questions about his 2010 arrest for soliciting an underage prostitute but mostly left the impression that more trouble's in his future.

During his sit-down with James Brown and a reluctant Cris Collinsworth—himself once an aficionado of young girls—L.T. played the blame game, claiming that "things happen" and pointing the finger at a modern media culture as the reasons why he's found himself at odds with the law.


As for the prostitution bust, Taylor declined to address paying for sex and insisted he asked the hooker's age, which ought to be good enough for anyone. And his first thoughts after getting busted? No, they weren't about public embarrassment or about his family. He simply wondered if getting arrested would keep him from making the next morning's tee time.


"I don't know where the problems are," Taylor acknowledged, "but I just get caught up."

Caught up and, eventually it seems, caught. [Showtime]

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