Lawrence Taylor Twirled His Used Condom Over His Head "Like A Lasso" After Sexing That Underage Prostitute

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Lawrence Taylor is a registered sex offender after pleading guilty to paying a 16-year-old $300 for sex in a suburban hotel room in 2010. (Both he and the girl say she told him she was 19.) The plea spared him jail time, but now he's facing a civil suit from the girl, who claims he forced himself on her. And this trial is filled with testimony that's both disturbing and darkly funny.

"I know I'm 50-plus years old," Taylor said on Wednesday, asked why he patronizes prostitutes. "I still like the chase, but I like to stack the deck in my favor. I don't like to work too hard."

Yesterday things got grosser. We'll leave this one to the Post, which is tackling the story with unrepentant glee (check that lede):

Today, one of Fierro's lawyers asked Taylor how long it took him to climax while in the "missionary position" with the girl.

"I'm not 100 percent sure," Taylor answered.

After pausing and sighing audibly, he then said: "A couple minutes."

The lawyer, Nathan Goldberg, also accused Taylor of laughing during a deposition when he described how he "twirled" around his used condom.

"You actually testified that you spun it around over your head like a lasso," Goldberg said.

"I didn't know my words would be scrutinized so much," Taylor sheepishly replied.


You are now free to mentally replace iconic memories of Taylor celebrating after a sack with the image of him swinging a full condom above his head.

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