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Lawrence Tynes's Wife Blasts The Bucs Over MRSA Treatment

Kicker Lawrence Tynes is one of two Buccaneers players suffering from MRSA, a deadly serious bacterial infection, after an outbreak at Tampa's training facility. Tynes's wife sounds like she's not particularly happy with how the Bucs have handled the whole thing.

On Sunday, coach Greg Schiano said both Tynes and Carl Nicks "are responding well" to treatment. Amanda Tynes took issue with that characterization, and sent out a photo of her husband sitting on the couch, hooked up with a PICC—a catheter that'll be pumping antibiotics almost directly into his heart. It'll stay in for weeks, or even months.


As to who those "right people" might be, we're not sure—only that it isn't the Bucs. Tynes was initially diagnosed with an ingrown toenail, and Schiano said the injury wouldn't help his chances in the team's kicking competition. But Tynes flew to New York for a second opinion, and that's when doctors diagnosed the staph infection and performed surgery.

The Buccaneers declined to address Amanda Tynes's remarks, telling reporters to refer to Schiano's previous comments. Which were, if you'll remember, "he's responding well." Which didn't go over so well the first time.

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