Lawsuit: Cole Hamels Paid Agency $70K For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show VIP Tickets, Got Nothing

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Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels has sued an entertainment agency, and accused it of taking his money and not getting him VIP access to the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in return.

Hamels’s lawsuit, which can be found at Philly Mag, claims that he paid £49,382 (or $68,730.36) in May to the London-based Cornucopia Events for three VIP packages to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. When he was buying the tickets, the company told him that the show, which had always been in New York, would be in London that year.


Cornucopia said on Nov. 5 that the tickets would be hand-delivered to Hamels in New York, but later that day, informed the MLB pitcher that he could pick up the tickets at the show. The lawsuit said that someone from the company told Hamels not to bring any “receipts, invoices, e-mails, signed terms and conditions, or any other forms of purchase documents” to the show as proof. The company also told Hamels to not tell security or personnel that he bought the tickets, and to instead say “they were a gift,” or “we are guests of the brand.”

According to the lawsuit, when Hamels, his wife Heidi, and another guest went to the fashion show on Nov. 10, they couldn’t get in. There were no tickets waiting for them. Hamels did get to attend the after-party, however, as seen by photos on Getty Images and AP.


Hamels is asking for “an amount in excess of $50,000 in damages,” but not more than $75,000, from Cornucopia.

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