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Lax bros are one of the fastest-growing scourges to American society. They are members of a subculture that is composed entirely of privileged white kids with annoying names. Even worse, they are getting attention from the Boston Globe and stupid movies made about them.

Thankfully, the crew of a Southwest Airlines flight recently decided to take a stand against the lax bros of America when they forced a high-school lax bro named Mac Breedlove (of course his name is fucking Mac Breedlove) to apologize to the entire flight for cutting in line like a little dipshit.


Breedlove read an apology that was written by the flight crew and his coaches over the PA system, and somebody was smart enough to film the entire ordeal. Take a moment to savor the sweetness of a lax bro getting his comeuppance.

Westlake High Student Apologizes to Entire Southwest Flight over PA System [Austinist]

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