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Layla Kiffin Bares Her Soul And More UT Recruiting Secrets

Knoxville media entities are aware of one way guaranteed to generate some interest from readers and viewers: Layla Kiffin overload.

First we have this candid photo shoot, featuring Layla all aglow with her little Kiffins. (Oh, and Lane. CatchmedadorI'lldie!) And then there's this television interview.


In the otherwise unsatisfying get-to-know you piece, we find out all the trials and tribulations the Kiffin clan endured after Lane freed himself from Al Davis' bony grip and galloped to Knoxville. Layla especially. We don't know Knoxville. What about the kids? Where on earth will we live?

And this last point was more problematic than you'd expect, actually. It turns out that the Kiffins finally settled on their new Southern digs because of its close proximity to the water.

The quest for a Knoxville home took longer than expected, but the Kiffins finally settled on a property on the water. They haven't moved in yet, but will soon.

Being on the water was not only a family preference, but a recruiting strategy.

"We had to spend more money on our home just to help the university in recruiting,'' Kiffin said with a smile.

That's strange. Because in the television interview it appears she wanted something "private." Maybe it's a moat?

Most of America is already well-versed on Lane Kiffin's freewheeling (sometimes topless) recruiting strategies, but I find it hard to believe that the deal-breaker for any of UT's incoming class was the fact that he owns waterfront property. Who fell for that? Bryce Brown? Or maybe it was Daniel Hood, who liked the proximity to the water just in case he wants to get his Max Cady on.


Either way, kind of odd. But, for once in Lane Kiffin's Tennessee coaching career, it doesn't appear to break any NCAA recruiting violations.


PHOTO: Knoxville News


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