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Nardeo Samlall of Toronto was arrested Monday and charged with indecent exposure after allegedly rubbing against, then exposing himself to, two groups of women in a subway station. The master criminal wore a Leafs sweater with his first name on the back.

Via the Star:

The fan approached a group of women at 2:35 p.m. Monday at the Kennedy TTC station, brushed up against them, and then sat down on a bench behind them and allegedly committed what police simply called “an indecent act.” [Ed. note: masturbating.]

He then allegedly brushed up against a second group of females at the TTC stop.

This is Nazem Kadri's fault, if you ask Dreger.

It's unclear whether his jersey number 55 has special meaning to him, or if he's just a big Danny Markov fan.


Samlall was apprehended at the station, sparing a citywide manhunt but not the embarrassment of everyone knowing he owns a personalized jersey.

h/t B.C.

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