This is pretty great. The Clippers are currently an also-ran. They’re deep with rotation-grade wings and swingmen, but have exactly zero stars, and the chances of them landing a “second star” in free agency all come down to how successfully they pitch free agents like Kawhi Leonard next summer. But the Clippers would kill—they would trade every player on their roster and several draft picks, and possibly their own children—to land a player with as attractive a combination of youth and size and skill and efficiency and raw productivity as Karl-Anthony Towns. Only restricted free agency will keep Towns from being one of the two or three most targeted free agents next summer, when his rookie contract runs out.

Towns was Rookie of the Year in 2016; he was an All-Star in 2018; he was also third-team All-NBA in 2018. He is A Star. The league and the basketball universe are almost unanimous on that one. It would seem Jimmy Butler and “league sources” are the last remaining holdouts. Very helpful and not at all deliberately hostile and rude for them to make their feelings known.