We saw Snoop Dogg's reaction to the re-emergence of Donald Sterling's blatant and unapologetically racist beliefs, but what about those working in and around the NBA?

ESPN's Chris Broussard (who has his own backward views on issues like homosexuality), went right after Sterling and, in comparing his mentality to a pre-Civil War era slave owner's, got right to the heart of the absurdity of Donald Sterling's existence. This is a man, living in 2014, who views his employees as sub-human generators of his own wealth.

Where Snoop and Broussard opted for the blunt-force attack, current Sterling employee DeAndre Jordan went more subtle.

Former Clippers guard Baron Davis said this was just more of the same.


Magic Johnson, whom Sterling involved in this whole mess by name, said the Clippers owner won't have to worry about seeing him at one of his games:


An anonymous Clippers player:

Mark Jackson, head coach of the Clippers' first-round opponent Golden State Warriors:


According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News, the Clippers held a team meeting after the news broke last night.

Former executive vice president of the NBA, Stu Jackson:


Jeremiah Rivers, son of Clippers coach Doc Rivers, responded on Twitter as well, and urged fans to hate the man, but support the team.