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Learn How To Slide, With Ian Kinsler

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Kids, I want you to very carefully watch Ian Kinsler slide into third, and do exactly as he does.

You always want to keep your arms down by your sides—you could jam a finger if you extend them. It's called a headfirst slide, not an armsfirst slide.


Be sure to headbutt the base as you go by—they give you a helmet for a reason.

Never forget to slide through the base. All the way through. Many bang-bang plays go against runners because they are content to use their fingertips. A full-body Crocodile Mile on the bag will show the umpire that you mean business.

This has been How To Do Sports Good, With The Texas Rangers. Join us tomorrow as Nelson Cruz shows you five simple tips for playing the outfield without a glove.

(gifs by Drew Sheppard)

This image was lost some time after publication.

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