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Illustration for article titled LeBron Introduces The World To His Sister LeBresha, Who Is Actually Just LeBron In Drag

It's that time of year here in New York City, when the rich people frolic through the streets in designer clothing more often than usual and pretend to watch tennis at the U.S. Open: Fashion Week is here!

LeBron James told the Twittersphere today that he'll join the madness to support his sister, an "upcoming model" named LeBre'sha: "Going to Fashion Week this coming week in NY to support my sister LeBre'sha. Upcoming model! Look out Tyra, Giselle, Heidi, etc." He included a picture of himself as a mustachioed lady. I'm impressed by the lashes, but the prevalence of airbrushing in Cover Girl's ads continues to disgust me. That hairline is totally misleading.



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