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So far the story of the second-round series between the Cavs and the Raptors is the degree to which the Cavs are completely unbothered by their opponents. Here’s the series summed up, in one image:

Photo credit: Jason Miller/Getty

Anyway, during Game 2 LeBron James did some very rude shit to Serge Ibaka, spinning the ball in his hand like he was casually lining up a free throw before draining a three right in Ibaka’s face:


James was asked about the move at today’s practice, and although he didn’t come right out say, “Yeah, I was messing with him for my own amusement,” he admitted that he was playing mind games with Ibaka (from ESPN):

“It’s bait,” James told ESPN at Cavs shootaround ahead of Friday’s Game 3. “If [Ibaka] would have reached in, I would have put it on the floor.

“It was a mental thing. Everything I do is mental.”


“I was just basically in my zone, in my comfort zone, and after I spun the ball and I jabbed him, I seen what I needed to see from the defender to be able to get that shot off,” James told reporters. “If I didn’t see it, I would have drove it, and if I didn’t have the drive, I would have gave it up and let one of my teammates attack.”

Tune in tonight to see if LeBron James plays the game in flip-flops.

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