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LeBron James Has Cursed the Yankees

Last night the Indians drove a nail into the coffin that has become the Yankees season. It took Cleveland every bit of 11 innings to take a 2-0 series lead, but Travis Hafner's bases-loadedtwo-out walk-off single finally put them on top 2-1. Fausto Carmona was the real hero for the Tribe. He pitched nine innings of three-hit ball giving up just one run to the formerly formidable Yankee lineup. Alex Rodriguez put up another donut bringing leveling off his '07 post season average at .000 through two games. To be fair, he was going up against two of the best pitchers in baseball...and a curse.

A few days ago things sure were looking good for the Yankees. They were playing great baseball and heading into a five game series with a team that had already failed to best them in six previous opportunities.


Then came LeBron, and the curse ensued.

As soon as "King" James showed his Yankee clad head in Cleveland things began to go down hill. After an abysmal thrashing the basketball star decided not to come back for a repeat performance. Sadly for Yankee fans, it was too late. LeBron has brought an evil presence (more so than usual) upon the storied franchise. It's like he's the bizzaro world's answer to King Midas. Don't believe me? Take a look at the visual evidence.

Exhibit A- The team was attacked by millions of Canadian Soldiers.


Joba won't blame insect attack for his performance but the results are undeniable. After a nearly flawless regular season the big reliever was throwing wild pitches and hitting people left and right.

Exhibit B- When your bats start folding like Frenchmen under fire, you have to consider the possibility of a curse.


That's not even close to normal bat behavior! Forget about goats and fat alcoholic home run hitters, LeBron went and angered the gods. But don't expect A-Rod to notice, he's too busy making new friends.


Oh, Alex...
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