LeBron James Is Finally Good At Basketball

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Now that LeBron has finally won a game people think is important, maybe we can talk about how good the guy has been. We've talked some in these parts about Rajon Rondo and his Fuck You brand of basketball. LeBron James, with that one three point shot late in the game and follow through pose, ushered in Go Fuck Yourself Basketball.


LeBron James said Go Fuck Yourself to every chucklehead who continually muddies his obvious skill and talent with nonsense like "doesn't come up in the clutch," "disappears late" or "plays hot potato with the basketball because he doesn't come up in the clutch and disappears late." Go Fuck Each And Every One Of Yourselves as I stand closer to half court than the three point line and put the final dagger in Boston's Big Whatever.

Go Fuck Yourself to the people still out there, moving their arbitrary carrots with their stupid stick opinions who will say "He still hasn't won anything yet." Is it so difficult to enjoy the show? The man single-handedly brought his team back from the dead in Game 6 (on the road) and followed it up with what, at this point, has become a matter-of-fact 31 point, 12 rebound performance in Game 7.

The reason these kinds of performances are revered as "clutch" or "legendary" is because they are rare. Guys are not supposed to perform like this, on this stage all the time. If they did, it would just be basketball being played—it wouldn't be special. Normal people understand this, even if it's not said out loud, but that's not interesting to talk about. So, players are now supposed to have "statement games" every game.

Not only that, but they have to continually top themselves. Here's a common thought expressed after Game 6: "It won't mean anything if they lose Game 7," or now, his playoff performances won't mean anything without a title. Think about that for a second. If you are willing to accept that individual athletic performance can have a meaning, then it is inconceivable to me that one can then say that a spectacularly dominating individual performance can somehow lack meaning. It's only without meaning to those who keep changing the definition of what a clutch or legendary performance is supposed to mean. If the Heat win a championship then the stick pushes the carrot further: "He's only got one."

Last night we watched LeBron do everything that could rightly be asked of him and in the process say I know you'll always want more, so Go Fuck Yourself.


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