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LeBron James Just Got The Coach Of The Year Fired

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Photo: Tony Dejak (AP)

Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey was voted by his peers as the NBA’s coach of the year two days ago. He received this award for coaching his team to a 59-23 record and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Today, Casey lost his job. This is because LeBron James exists, and happens to play basketball in the east.

Clearly the Raptors are tired of being humiliated by LeBron James in the playoffs every year, and this is some attempt to “shake things up” in order to prevent that from happening once again in the future. But what good is this really going to do? Casey’s big failure as a head coach has been his inability to beat James in the playoffs, but that’s a weakness that virtually every other coach and team in the league possesses. Is there some available coach out there who has a secret plan for making James less good at basketball? If so, the Raptors should definitely hire that guy. If not, they probably should have just kept the guy who has consistently won a lot of games for them!


Casey will probably get another NBA gig, either this summer or next. Until he does, he’ll likely be spending a lot of time in silent contemplation of how different his life would be if LeBron James never existed at all.

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