LeBron James Suffers Latest Humiliation At The Hands Of Mario Hezonja

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It was all set up for LeBron James, nearing the end of a crappy first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, to have another one of his moments. He loves to craft highlights on the Knicks’ home floor, and to talk afterwards about how much “the Mecca” means to him as—as a student of basketball history or whatever. So there he was, with his team trailing by one in the fourth quarter and the shot clock turned off, all ready to sprinkle some sugar on his turd of a season. And then ran into the powerful defensive force that is Mario Hezonja:

Yeesh. James had 33 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in this game, but all anyone is going to remember about it is that he got stuffed by Hezonja at the end, and that he looked like a geezer struggling through a YMCA pick-up game when it happened. That shot was so bad that Hezonja couldn’t help but be a dick about it:

This picture was taken at a different point in the game, but it’s worth including here as a fair representation of the season LeBron has had:


LeBron’s only options are to get all photographic evidence of last night’s game removed from the internet, or to score 67 points his next time out.