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LeBron James's Foundation Will Pay College Tuition For 1,100 Kids

Buried in this ESPN article about how LeBron James really wants the Cavaliers to re-sign Tristan Thompson, is this legitimately cool thing:

Thursday was a big day for the LeBron James Family Foundation. He announced that he and the University of Akron will sponsor full scholarships for the 1,100 children currently in his I Promise program in Akron, Ohio.

James’ has been sponsoring this program for five years and the children range from the third to the seventh grades. If they complete the program and meet attendance and grade requirements, their tuition will be covered by James’ foundation and the university starting in 2021, when the current seventh graders in the program graduate high school. A year’s tuition at the University of Akron is currently about $9,500.


It’s not exactly clear how much of the tuition will be covered by James’s foundation and how much will be covered by the university, but four years of tuition at Akron for 1,100 kids comes out to $41.8 million.


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